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Mother's Bliss, Mother's Woe

Mothers’ Bliss, Mother’s Woe is a drama filled with magical realism and music set in the Irish Ghetto of 1800’s Buffalo, NY. Mary Ryan, a young Irish immigrant who came to America to escape the traumatic decimation of the Irish by the Great Famine, has lost four young children to diphtheria and is slipping into the safety of an imaginary world peopled with her fanciful “protectors” - Saint Brigid and Joan of Arc. Knowing she cannot delay her descent into madness or rely on her overworked husband and surviving children to help her, Mary reaches out to her older sister Peg, a nun who has recently returned from study with a French neurologist. In the hope of saving Mary’s life and family, Mary and Peg join together and explore a radical treatment for her illness while also battling a dogma driven Catholic priest who wants to annul Mary’s marriage, Mary’s imaginary “friends,“ and the desperate poverty of Buffalo’s First Ward. The past is the present in this work that looks at women’s rights; immigration; anti-science; and challenges faced by the mentally ill and the families who care for them.


Oh Mighty ISIS

In Oh Mighty ISIS, Izzie, a teenage survivor of a grammar school shooting who lives in a seemingly idyllic Boston suburb, is in love with Akmed, whose devout Muslim parents have forbidden him to date a non-Muslim. The teens enjoy a secret intimate relationship until Izzie’s mom, Bri, discovers them in bed together and goes straight to Akmed’s parents to reveal the deception. Bri heartily supports the decision to send Akmed away and strip him of any means of communication with her daughter. Izzie, determined to reunite with her love, turns to the internet to locate him and connects with a radical on-line presence who claims to know Akmed’s location. Via secret texts, this on-line “savior” works to gain Izzie’s trust and intensify her rage at her mom and anti-Muslim Trump America. When the “savior” offers to re-unite Izzie and Akmed - for a price - Izzie must make a life altering choice. Will her fury at family and nation push her into the arms of ISIS?
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