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Tricia - a tenacious beautician - is preparing her mother’s corpse when her twin sister Tina - a stylish psychologist -  turns up at the back door of the funeral home after fifteen years of no contact with her family which throws the estranged sisters are into hilarious as they are forced by a string of pearls - and their mother’s bloated corpse - to work come together and bury the sins of the past. 

Mother's Pearls


While fishing on a lake that can no longer sustain aquatic life,  Tom - a brilliant environmental scientist  struggles to re-connect with his best friend from childhood, Norman - a wealthy, unethical entrepreneur.  What do these guys really hope to “hook, pull and reel in?”

E Pluribus Unum

Lillie and Donna have a lot to celebrate - 25 years in a committed relationship and the release of a video tape that will sink presidential hopes for Candidate Trump and pave the way for the first female president. But the day is overshadowed by Lillie's anxiety over an upcoming "emergency" mammogram. Lillie finally falls asleep and some very strange events occur. When she wakes, she does not know what day it is, who is president and whether or not she has breast cancer.

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